65 Democrats Say Trump is in Cahoots with Russia, Yet Just Voted to Give Him this Power?

65 Democrats, members of the House of Representatives, voted last week to give President Trump more power than any president before him.

They voted to expand the government’s surveillance powers, ignoring widespread support for reform from both sides of the aisle.

A total of 256 members of the House of Representatives voted and a roll call posted after the vote shows that breaks down to 191 Republicans and 65 Democrats.

The leaders of the “Resistance” do not oppose Donald Trump. They are Donald Trump dressed in drag.

55 Democrats voted against your constitutional rights and opposed the USA RIGHTS amendment. Had 26 voted the other way, we would have won. Among them is Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. pic.twitter.com/7WHwPFGEIm

— Daniel Schuman (@danielschuman) January 11, 2018

The vote came to a head after years of debate over the US’ surveillance and intelligence-gathering capability, largely brought to light after the

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