5 totally INSANE liberal responses to Easter (graphic content)

What happens when someone wishes the world a Happy Easter?

Liberals, it seems, completely lose their minds.

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Sunday, President Donald Trump tweeted out “HAPPY EASTER!” — and social media had a completely meltdown.

Here’s the so-called “offensive” message sent by the commander in chief —

And here are the top five worst reactions liberals had the president.

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1) They accused Trump of treason for saying it. —

2) They pushed their atheism —

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3) Accused Trump of being unchristian for wishing them Happy Easter —

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4) Posted obscene, blasphemous imagery to attack Trump. (WARNING: This graphic is upsetting) —

5) Accused him of lying about wishing anyone (in the entire world) a Happy Easter —

Like it or not, loony leftists… the president is here to stay until at least 2020.

Did Trump’s tweet offend you?

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