5 gruesome pics of radiation horror (Warning: Disturbing!)

Thirty years after histories most famous disaster, these five pictures are a horrifying reminder that the danger of nuclear radiation. Radiation exposure not only causes death and disease immediately, but it also long term health effects that last for generations.

In April of 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine exploded, leaving many dead — and the effects are still evident in animals in the region.

Warning: This is disturbing.

Shocking photos provided by ChernobylGuide.com show the devastation left behind by radiation exposure…

For several generations, animals and humans have suffered mutations as a repercussion from the nuclear radiation.

The radioactive cloud affected not only Ukraine, but also other countries far and near.

The far reaching contamination left some areas more heavily affected than others.

Many residents of the affected areas had to be hospitalized due to respiratory problems, and then later on they were even



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