5 biggest media LIES about Trump… this month!

by Frank Holmes, reporter

This month the media threw everything they had into destroying President Donald Trump… but all they trashed was their already tarnished reputations.

The rate of outright lies the media told about the Trump administration hit an all-time high this month. So far, it’s more than one massive lie per week – and counting.

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Here are the biggest examples from December 2017:

Lie #1. Trump adviser admitted Russia had “thrown” the presidential election.

The New York Times claimed it uncovered an e-mail from a Trump adviser just after the election confessing that Russia had rigged the presidential election.

Since Obama slapped new sanctions against Russia for “interfering” in the election, Trump adviser K.T. McFarland wrote that “Trump will have difficulty improving relations with Russia, which has just thrown USA election to him.”

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