4 Trump photos the media will NEVER show you (goosebumps!)

by Kylie Handler, editor

Reporters were puzzled on Thursday when President Donald Trump exited the White House unannounced. After all, there were no official events scheduled on his Trump’s White House planner.

Reporters assumed that he was leaving to celebrate the passage of the tax reform legislation.

Instead, he was actually going to visit the Walter Reed Hospital.

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The Walter Reed Hospital is the largest military hospital in the country, it is also the first stop that wounded soldiers make when they return to the States.

During his visit, Trump met with wounded active-duty service member and their families.

Did you hear about this on CNN? Or were they too busy talking about how many scoops of ice cream the president had last night?

Here are four images the mainstream media will never show you —

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images




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