3-Strike felon who got clemency now faces murder charge

A 3-Strikes felon who got clemency in Washington State is back behind bars for murder. It’s apparently another gun control failure. (Dave Workman)

A “three-strikes” felon in Washington State who was granted clemency from his life sentence by former Gov. Christine Gregoire in 2013 is back behind bars facing a first-degree murder charge for allegedly shooting a man at a Kent motel.

If the charge is proven, Stonney Marcus Rivers will add one more black mark to an Evergreen State gun control law that has so far failed to prevent at least two high-profile multiple homicides. That was Initiative 594, passed by voters in 2014 thanks to a $10.4 million dollar campaign spearheaded by the billionaire-funded Alliance for Gun Responsibility, a Seattle-based gun control group. I-594 mandated so-called “universal background checks” that are supposed to prevent criminals from getting their hands on guns.


BREAKING: The Supreme Court on



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