‘3 French hens’ fine, but not ‘3 wise men’

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is being called out by the Archdiocese of Washington and Archbishop Cardinal Wuerl for allowing anti-religion advertisements on its vehicles – but refusing to let anything appear that may suggest faith.

For example, “three French hens” are just fine, but not “three wise men.”

And the Easter bunny is approved, but not an image of a cross.

The fight over what the transit organization allows in ads on buses and in terminals has been going on for years.

Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Initiative ran into a roadblock at the WMATA several years ago, and at the time alleged it was violating the First Amendment by refusing to run her political ad about radical Islamism.

It was at that time that WMATA made the announcement that it no longer would take any “issue-oriented advertising.”

Several years earlier, back in 2012, Geller



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