280,000 Americans endorse anti-terror benefit of ‘Muslim ban’

New York City after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks

Some 280,000 Americans are asking the Supreme Court to let President Trump suspend entry from eight nations “with terrorism concerns.”

A friend-of-the-court brief by the American Center for Law and Justice was filed in the case against the president’s executive order halting arrivals from Chad, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, North Korea, Venezuela and Yemen.

The brief was filed with the support of ACLJ’s Committee to Defend Our National Security from Terror, which represents more than 280,000 Americans.

Trump’s order was made after a review by the Homeland Security secretary of nearly 200 nations. DHS concluded the eight nations were unable to properly vet people coming to the U.S.

The DHS initially had identified 16 countries with significant risk factors and another 31 with security concerns.

Two district courts and two appeals courts ruled Trump’s order was invalid. But their orders have been



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