2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates, Holy Cow

Without an Obama, Clinton or Kennedy available to lead, the Democrat party are having trouble deciding on who will be the next person to attempt to take down Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Clearly the party thought that they’d win with Hillary. They sunk massive amounts of debt into Hillary campaigns while angering everyone in the party who supported Bernie Sanders. The Democrats didn’t think that they’d ever have to plan to find a new name for 2020, because it was supposed to be Her Turn.

What’s So Special About The Clintons and Obamas?

Jeb Bush was no different than Hillary Clinton running for President. Both of them felt it was their turn. But America isn’t a monarchy. In England, Queen Elizabeth will pass the crown on to her children. America could’ve set itself up as a monarchy with George Washington being the first King, but the system



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