200 Veterans Died Waiting In The VA’s Secret Lines

Veterans are dying while the VA cancels appointments. The VA has been found guilty in the past of trying to cheat the system to get their backlog seem less drastic, two years later they are still doing it. Over 200 veterans died last year while waiting for appointments.

In a new report that was released Tuesday by the Pheonix Veterans Affairs office’s inspector general, the death of a veteran may be on their hands. Apparently, the Pheonix VA office is improperly cancelling veterans appointments, which is creating an overwhelming amount of backlog.

It has been two years since the discovery of “secret waiting lists” were found in Pheonix. The waiting lists left veterans struggling to get care. However, investigators have claimed that services have improved and cleared the clinic of the allegations that top officials were forcing employees to cancel appointments. Now, it doesn’t seem like that’s true.




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