15 Uses For Coca Cola That Will Make You Never Drink It Again

Coca Cola has many uses it was not invented for.  The problem is after you see what it can do, you may never drink the stuff again.

1. Clean burnt pans. Soak grease-burnt pans in a Coca-Cola bath and watch as the stubborn bits and pieces slide away, says Collective Evolution.

2. Clean kitchen countertops. Wet a cloth with Coca-Cola and use it to quickly clean kitchen countertops, says Remedies and Herbs.

3. Clean tile grout. You would think the color of Coca-Cola would cause the liquid to stain your floor, but according to Collective Evolution, you can use it to clean tile grout. Simply pour Coca-Cola onto your kitchen floor, let it soak in for a few minutes, and then wipe it up using a cloth or paper towel.

4. Polish silver.…



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