12 Things McDonald’s Staff Do But Would Never Admit To

Every business has secrets, but what’s important is whether those secrets are well kept enough, like KFC chicken or the special sauce on the Big Mac. A McDonald’s employee has spilled his guts to a Cosmopolitan reporter. He or she revealed twelve secrets of McDonald’s.

1. Eat the leftovers once the restaurant closes. Freshly cooked nuggets we miiiight have accidentally cooked five minutes before closing taste even better after a ten hour shift.

2. If you’re rude to us we’ll subliminally get our own back. Extra ice in your coke? Squashing your burger before we put it in the bag? Only half filling your fry box?Missing something off your order on purpose? Check. Check. Check. Check.

3. Sometimes your vanilla milkshake will have no flavor in it because we can’t be arsed to…



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