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If you clicked on this video, then you know what Fortnite is. But still we would like to explain what it is for those who are not yet familiar with this word. Fortnite is an incredibly popular video game, more specifically a survival simulator released in 2017. Today, over 10 million people play it all over the world. Can you imagine this? Yes, it uses a very popular zombie theme, but without the gloom of “The Walking Dead” and other similar universes. So, there is nothing particularly surprising in the fact that the game has become so popular and every day it keeps gaining followers. But, like other games, Fortnite has secrets, which few people know about. Especially for you, friends, we have collected them all over the Internet and are now ready to share our findings. So, in this video we’re gonna tell you some facts about Fortnite that you probably didn’t know



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