$1 Million VS $1 Billion Castles

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Have you ever dreamed of living in your very own royal castle or sprawling palace? They aren’t just the stuff of fairytales– there are plenty of real castles for sale all over the world, and a lot of them are affordable. Whether it’s a modernized castle in Moscow, the historic Guia Fortress in China, or the classic Nakatsu Castle in Japan, $1 million or less will get you your very own royal residence. But how do these affordable castles compare to the most expensive castles and palaces around the world?

In Germany, the fairytale-inspired Neuschwanstein Castle sits high on a cliff. It was made by a mad king, has a hidden grotto, and even inspired Disney architecture. In Italy, there’s Doge’s Palace, with an opulent golden staircase. Some of these castles are worth billions, like Buckingham Palace and Russia’s Winter Palace. Japan is home to Osaka Castle, popular among tourists, while China has one of the most expensive palaces in the world– the Forbidden City Complex in Beijing. These castles and palaces are full of treasures, like sculptures, murals, priceless art, and even jewels. Whether it’s France’s iconic Palace of Versailles or England’s historic Windsor Castle, living in any one of these places would mean becoming royalty yourself. So, are you ready to tour some of the countries with the best castles and see how an affordable royal home compares to the very best of the best? Then click play and let’s compare these million-dollar castles to their billion-dollar inspirations.

Written by: Courtney Hayes
Narrated by: Peter L.
Edited by: Andrew Gut

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