1 HUGE Difference Between Trump’s First Christmas Card and Obama’s Card:

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump unveiled their first Christmas card Monday – yes, I said; “Christmas,” so start triggering before the holiday rush you anti-Christmas, anti-Christian, anti-American snowflakes out there in liberal land.

But the Obama’s always issued a Christmas card and there never seemed to be a peep out of anybody on the left that he was mixing politics and religion. No talk of separation of church and State when the Obama’s  greeted the country on Christmas.

But then again, Barack Obama is a Christian – isn’t he? I keep hearing that and he says he’s a Christian and he’s been saying it even since he decided to run for office in Illinois way back when. Before that? Ummm, not so much and the “Christian” church they attended and brought their two beautiful daughters to every Sunday for 12 years?

Yeah, like going to



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