Window into Senate Healthcare Talk Shows Pre-Existing Conditions Will Remain

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Senate Republicans working behind closed doors on their version of a healthcare bill have indicated to reporters it will have provisions for pre-existing conditions, The Hill reported Sunday.

Lawmakers also addressed other key components under discussion, giving some clue of what will be in their plan, including funds to stabilize the state exchanges, Medicaid expansion, tax credits, current taxes under Obamacare and funds to combat the nation’s current opioid crisis.

Pre-existing conditions

Senators are looking to the House healthcare bill, the American Health Care Act, and considering pools as a way to ensure pre-existing conditions are covered in new legislation.

“We need to focus on getting people with pre-existing conditions [covered] while also lowering premiums,” Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., told reporters Thursday.

“One of the ways you can do that is with something like the Maine high risk pool, that [Maine Sen.] Susan Collins has been a strong advocate for.…

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