Watch What Happened When CNN Asks Former Obama Official What He Thinks of Trump’s National Security Team

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We’ve seen some of this already and I believe we’ll see more of this as yet another former Obama spokesman, John Kirby, steps forward while appearing on CNN’s “New Day” to praise President Donald Trump and his national security team saying that they’re doing a “commendable job” forming an international coalition to deal with North Korea.

“I think his national security team has done a commendable job trying to put together a multilateral, international, interagency approach to solving this problem,” Kirby said.

Though he’s no fan of President Trump’s anti-left behavior, believing that it could be undone though he does go on to state that he also believes that the POTUS has every right to be frustrated with the Liberal Left especially due to the escalating situation with North Korea and in this manner no other President has had to deal with them in this fashion.

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