WashPost: Anarchists Are About 'More Than Just Smashing Windows'

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

The Washington Post published a 2,000-word story Thursday which attempted to portray DC-area anarchists who attempted to disrupt and ruin President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January as being interested in “more than just smashing windows.”

The best answer to what “more” is in Perry Stein’s report is that it’s about destroying as much property belonging to others as possible once it’s clear that attempts to stop or seriously disrupt planned events have failed — oh, and getting away with it.

Stein’s opening paragraph gave readers the idea that her treatment would be far too sympathetic, complete with a clickbait headline which promised what her story failed to deliver:

What draws Americans to anarchy? It’s more than just smashing windows.

By day, they are graphic designers, legal assistants, nonprofit workers and

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