Veterans Group Sues the Pentagon 

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Allen West Republic

The Pentagon is still playing catch-up in the war on personal data. It continues to expose the personal information of veterans to exploitation by hackers all over the world. the horror stories have gone on way too long and one veterans group has had enough. The Vietnam Veterans of America charges in their lawsuit that veterans information is still being exposed on a daily basis. It seems that just about anyone can download personal information. 

As Written By Vera Bergengruen for the Miami Herald:

WASHINGTON – A veterans organization is suing the Pentagon for exposing private details about troops’ military service on “a truly massive scale” due to lax security on one of its websites.

The lawsuit filed by Vietnam Veterans of America charges that that a Defense Department website “is currently exposing private details about the military service of millions of veterans to anybody at all, anonymously, for any purpose.”

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