University Professors are being asked to do something that sounds like it came right out of WWII Germany

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Professors at Utah Valley University are being asked to do something that sounds like it comes right out of WWII Germany or Communists China during the political purges there. In those nations, everyone was to be monitored and observed to ensure that all behavior was done within the party line, whether it be Nazi or Communist. UVU professors will now ‘monitor’ individuals to ensure ‘positive behavior change’. That is ominous in that it is a subjective measurement of what is or is not acceptable behavior. Shades of Big Brother, “1984.”

As Written By Andrew Johson for the College Fix (University of Denver):

Team to ‘monitor’ individuals to ensure ‘positive behavior change’

As colleges across the country struggle with questions related to free speech on campuses, some schools have implemented policies that appear to give administrators significant latitude to discipline students for speaking in unpopular ways.

Most recently, the dean’s office of Utah Valley University,

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