Under Trump The Number of Muslims Refugees Just Increased!

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Joe For America

President Trump made it clear during his campaign he was going to put the United States first and everyone else second. Part of that promise included cutting back the amount of refugees we allow into our country. However, despite promises to cut back that statistic a report indicates that the number of refugees has actually increased under the Trump administration.

The State Department announced through a press release on Wednesday that the United States has surpassed 50,000 refugees for the year. The problem is that we have a 50,000 cap under the current administration. Between October of 2016 and now we have allowed 50,086 refugees to enter the United States. This information was reported to The Washington Examiner.

Each year the President sets a capped number of how many refugees he wants to allow into our country. The former administration had strikingly large numbers compared to the current administration.…

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