U.N.’s handling of human rights? A ‘mockery’

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The United Nations is making a “mockery” of human rights issues, charges George Igler, a commentator at the Gatestone Institute.

“Today, the most senior transnational body responsible for preserving ‘human rights,’ the United Nations Human Rights Council, housed within the Palace of Nations in Geneva, is arguably a pathetic joke,”he recently wrote.

While not issuing a call for the United States to withdraw from the international body, his arguments align with a withdrawal movement that followed the latest condemnation of Israel by the U.N. Security Council. The council contended land on which housing is being built for Jews belongs to a non-existent Palestinian state.

Sign the petition encouraging Congress and President-elect Donald Trump to defund, discount and deport the United Nations.

The movement even has prompted a petition to Congress and President Donald Trump to stop American tax money going to the U.N., and even leave it.

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