Tapper Finds ‘Poetic Justice’ in Wolff Book, Claims Seth Meyers Wouldn’t Like Him Lobbing Insults

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

<p>CNN anchor Jake Tapper appeared on the show <em>Late Night</em> with liberal NBC talk-show Seth Meyers in the early hours of Friday morning. Unsurprisingly, Meyers gave Tapper a kind of victory lap for the contentious Sunday talking-over-each-other interview with Trump aide Stephen Miller. Tapper oddly suggested that if he called Trump something insulting like a “flunky,” that Seth Meyers would be disappointed and wished he hadn’t done that. Excuse me? Seth Meyers, who called Anthony Scaramucci a “human pinky ring”? And compared Trump to a serial killer?</p>

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