‘SOMEONE’ Broke Into The Las Vegas Shooter’s Home During FBI Investigation and ‘NOBODY’ Noticed?

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Serious questions revolve around the Las Vegas massacre and now the seemingly impossible happens? ‘Someone’ slipped by the FBI, entered Paddock’s house, took ‘nothing’ and then left ’empty-handed’?

Something is definitely amiss!

The Las Vegas shooter’s home that was broken into is in Reno, Nevada. He used it to to stash arms and ammunition.

At LEAST one person broke into the home. Police say they’re not aware of any theft or damages after the break-in, but wonder how the perpetrator gained entry. It is particularly surprising that someone managed to break into the home which is still being investigated by the FBI.

Stephen Paddock purchased the home in Reno’s Somersett neighborhood in 2013. He lived there with his girfriend, Marilou Danley.

Police confirmed on Tuesday that the Reno house was broken into over the weekend, and police are highly active in the area after receiving a warning from the FBI

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