Sebastian Gorka: ‘Somebody has to be the president’s pit bull’

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Sebastian Gorka. (Youtube) Gorka at Special Operations Command. (Wiki)

“A Gorka Beat-Down…” – Sean Hannity

Sebastian Gorka just may be salivating at the chance to be President Trump’s pit bull (pun intended).

As reported by Jeff Poor of the news service, the Deputy Assistant to the President just can’t wait to get back into the heart of the #NeverTrump camps to cause even more hate and discontent.

The 46-year-old British born and bred naturalized American citizen is certainly emerging victorious from his recent forays to the very epicenter of #VeryFakeNews movement, CNN. As the video below illustrates, the presidential aide first toys with, then demolishes the veritable poster boy for Precious Snowflakes everywhere, Anderson Cooper.

[embedded content]

Refusing to let openly anti-Trump news anchors interrupt and cut him off while answering questions, as reporter Jeff Poor points out in his article, in recent appearances on the Peacock Network as…

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