Sally Kohn Flips Her Lid When Conservative Panelist Brings Up Bill Clinton’s Sordid Past [Video]

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[VIDEO] Apparently, the one thing that you do not do in the presence of CNN’s Sally Kohn, is to bring up the sordid past of former President Bill Clinton. It does not matter that Ms. Kohn started the exchange by bringing up President Donald Trump. When Jack Kingston, a former Trump campaign advisor brought up Old Bill, the sparks began to fly.

Everybody knows what Bill Clinton did with Monika Lewenski and what he has been accused of doing all over the globe. that is off limits at CNN because of the elitist status of the Clinton Dynasty. Judge Roy Moore and President Donald Trump are open game when it comes to character assignation. Enjoy the video.

As Written By Justin Caruso for the Daily Caller:

CNN’s Sally Kohn was not happy when a conservative panelist brought up Bill Clinton’s sex scandals during a segment on Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct.

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