Politico Absurdly Hypes Supposed Resurgence of John Birch Society

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

Remember the mighty Coffee Party which at one time had grown to a total of 200,000 members? Oh, you wonder where that laughably inflated figure comes from? Well, it was made up by Steve Tuttle of Newsweek (now with fewer readers than the real members of the Coffee Party). The purpose of that very obvious fake news was to hype a leftwing version of the Tea Party back in 2010 despite the fact that it numbered in the dozens at most.

Well, the latest fake news comes to us by way of Politico in which writer John Savage is hyping a supposed resurgence of, get this, the John Birch Society. He offers absolutely no statistics to back up his case. Of course, the real reason for his fact-free hyping of the John Birch Society is to promote the idea that its ideas are being adopted by the GOP in general and…

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