Pennsylvania Residents Furious About Secret Sale of Juvenile Detention Center to Islamic Group!

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A group of concerned Lawrence County, Pennsylvania residents are furious to find out that an Islamic group has bought the local Youth Development Center and refuses to answer any questions as to its purpose.

There are more questions than answers about the future of the 143-acre, state-owned property that has been vacant for the past four years. People want to know what will be developed there and who the mysterious high bidder is.

The state just recently accepted the highest of three bids on the property from an Islamic company called HIRA Education Services. But there are questions about the company’s plans for the land.

The company is headquartered in an apartment in Newark, New Jersey. It employees one person and generates $41 million in annual revenue. That is plenty to raise a HUGE amount of questions!

On its website, HIRA say it’s a consulting firm with “a mission to promote…

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