Ouch! Elizabeth Warren WON’T like this (defeat #FakeIndian)

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Senator Elizabeth Warren faces reelection in 2018 — and her opponent, an Indian-American, is destroying Warren for her claim to be Native American.

Entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai announced his candidacy for the Senate seat that Warren currently holds in February… and so far, his campaign has been brutal.

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He started the hashtag #FakeIndian on Twitter, referring to Warren’s absurd admittance to Harvard based on the fact that she would increase their diversity due to her Native American heritage.

#FakeIndian,Fake Fighter @SenWarren: YOU will lose in 2018, & WE will expoz ur Elites in Academia who weave SYSTEM of LIES 4 #FakeNewsMedia

— V.A. SHIVA (@va_shiva) February 27, 2017

The Boston-born entrepreneur is best known for his claim that he invented email, but that could quickly change should he defeat Warren in 2018.

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