One Important Factor Has Been Overlooked In This NFL Kneeling Uproar

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In all the uproar over the idea that NFL players will be required to stand for the National Anthem, one important factor has been overlooked. It was said earlier by an NFL owner that all of his players are paid performers. The football field is the owner’s stage and they will act on it as per his directions. After all, National Football is just that – entertainment. And if they try to hide behind a plea of being treated like slaves, they can resign their contracts and be free again. 

As Written By Hank Berrien for the Daily Wire:

Speaking on Adam Schefter’s Know Them From Adam podcast, Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman Gerald McCoy responded to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s letter to all 32 teams that stated he wants players to stand for the national anthem, saying there’s “gonna be an uproar” if Goodell’s dictum is obeyed.

McCoy, who has no plans to kneel during the anthem,

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