Oh Boy, Another Episode of “As the World Turns with Liberal Progressive Hypocrisy”

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Who does former Congressman Allen West nominate for the most dangerous man in America? When it comes to freedom from the elite ruling class, Mr. West’s nominee may even qualify as the most dangerous man in the world to individual freedom. He is a billionaire by the name of George Soros. Globalization or one-world government is his game. No Borders is his calling card. Look at what he is up to now.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Oh boy, another episode of “As the World Turns with Liberal Progressive Hypocrisy” — they make it so easy. Now, yesterday we shared with you the love of private jets by Senator Bernie Sanders – paid for with campaign funds no less. Today, let’s explore why it is that the progressive socialist left says they hate neo-Nazis and Wall Street hedge fund managers, except for the ones they love.

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