NYT’s Ross Douthat Lays a Soft-Spoken Smackdown Upon His Liberal Media Colleagues

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, one of now two slightly right-leaning voices on the paper’s resolutely smugly liberal opinion page, penned “Notes on a Politcal Shooting” in the Sunday Review on the assassination attempt on House Republican Steve Scalise by a Bernie Sanders supporter on a baseball field in Alexandria, Va.

In his own diplomatic way — his gentle tone a protective necessity to avoid riling the liberal comment section and Twitter mobs with his vile right-wingery — Douthat got in some jabs at the liberal media. He also, sub rosa, chided the fake facts that appeared on the paper’s own editorial page regarding the shooting of Arizona Democrat Gabby Giffords. A June 15 editorial falsely claimed that a map of congressional districts posted by Sarah Palin, the sort used by Democrats and Republicans alike, was “incitement” for Giffords’ shooting by a paranoid schizophrenic, Jared Lougher. The paper was rightly…

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