NRA Exposes New York Times Reporter for Violent Rhetoric, Hypocrisy, Lack of Journalistic Ethics

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

On Tuesday, NRATV released yet another video responding to false attacks from The New York Times. In the video, Grant Stinchfield goes after the media and exposes their hypocrisy. See the video here.

That isn’t behavior fit for real journalists. Certainly not a gentleman. But after all real journalists don’t exist anymore and none of them appear to be real gentlemen. You see Weigel and Goldman are filled with hate. Hate for President Trump. Hate for gun owners. Hate for the awesome power the NRA harnesses from its 5 million members.

While these so-called reporters–purveyors of lies–hide behind a computer screen, using a keyboard to fuel the fires of violence, they hold democracy hostage and freedom at bay.

Not surprisingly violence is nothing new to journalistic conmen like Weigel. Not long ago he said he wanted to see conservative Matt Drudge “set himself on fire.” He called conservatives Rush Limbaugh and

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