Not a Joke: AP Wonders If U.S. ‘Should’ Shoot Down North Korean Missiles Headed for Guam, U.S.

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Leave it to the wire service providing national and world news to hundreds of American newspapers to leave people scratching their heads. On Thursday night, the Associated Press (AP) tweeted a confusing question about whether the U.S. military “should” take action to shoot down North Korean missiles if they’re headed towards Guam or any U.S. state.

Here’s the tweet, sent in the 10:00 p.m. Eastern hour: 

The tweet linked to a dispatch from Seoul, South Korea by Eric Talmadge, laying out the hypothetical pros and cons.

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Talmadge acknowledged that the U.S. military possesses a “multibillion-dollar missile defense system” that could blast North Korea missiles “out of the air.” He also pointed out that “[i]f  U.S. territory is threatened, countermeasures are a no-brainer.” He went on with respective pros and cons section, but here’s the rest of the

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