New Republic Writer: Damore’s Supporters Don’t Get That ‘Privileged People’ Must ‘Make Concessions’ in the Name of ‘Equality’

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Conservatives who’ve rallied behind former Google engineer James Damore traditionally have undermined workers like him, contended The New Republic’s Josephine Livingstone on Wednesday.

Livingstone has no use for Damore’s now-famous, if little-read, memo, which allegedly “contained a bunch of ‘red-pill’ nonsense about biological differences between men and women…Arguments that cite innate biological differences between the minds of men and women are incorrect, and they’re not an acceptable part of a public discourse about gender. Misogynists feed each other this stuff online because it makes them feel like righteous victims of feminism instead of privileged people who have to make concessions if we are to make progress towards equality. Taking Damore’s claims seriously would have done nothing more than make [Google] look stupid.”

That said, Livingstone doesn’t think the memo constituted a clear firing offense: “He violated Google’s code of conduct pretty explicitly. But then again, people believe all kinds of

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