New Marine Corps Ads Leave Out ‘Few,’ ‘Proud’

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsmax

The newest Marine Corps recruiting ads reportedly will not include the iconic slogan, “The Few, The Proud” – or any tagline at all.

According to Marine Corps Times, the new batch of commercials to be released next month will instead end with the word “Marines” and the Corps’ eagle, globe, and anchor emblem.

“‘The Few, The Proud’ has not and will not be retired indefinitely,” Lt. Col. John Caldwell, a spokesman for Marine Corps Recruiting Command, told the news outlet.

The strategy is in line with a wider trend in advertising, he said.

“Nike, a lot of their advertisements now end with the swoosh – or the swoosh and the word ‘Nike’ – but the tagline ‘Just Do It’ or something like that isn’t there,” Caldwell told the outlet.

“A lot of advertisers . . . punctuate their advertising products with their brand. That’s effectively what these new TV ads…

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