Netflix’s Disturbing ‘Big Mouth’ Cartoon Series Promotes Sexual Exploration Among Pre-Teens

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<p>The ten-episode adult animated sitcom <em>Big Mouth</em> debuted September 29<sup> </sup>on Netflix. Each half-hour episode addresses a part of adolescent puberty and <a href=”https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/corinne-weaver/2017/09/18/netflixs-big-mouth-vulgar-pedophilic-cartoon-teen-sex-series”>it is over the top</a> in crude sexual talk and actions. The disturbing series promotes sexual activity in children who are in the seventh grade – we’re talking 12 and 13-year-old middle school students. As a bonus, liberal talking points are peppered throughout the series at random moments. There is no way this could be run on network or even cable television.</p>

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