Muslim REFUSES To Remove Niqab During New Job Training – Judge Rules To Cut Her Welfare Benefits

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It is not secret that Muslim women are often forced to live in horrific standards, being oppressed under a misogynist way of life that was invented by a genocidal warlord who in no doubt learned his ways from Satan himself. Now even in more developed countries, women are still being forced to suffer when they’re given orders to live under Sharia law. For example, this woman in the Netherlands just received a very unpleasant surprise when she went to court wearing a niqab.

She was making her court appearance in the Netherlands and she entered the courtroom wearing a niqab. For those that are unsure what a niqab is, it is a veil worn over a woman’s face that obscures everything except her eyes. You cannot identify a woman who is wearing this, as only her eyes are showing, and she was in a court of law refusing to take…

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