MSNBC's Sharpton Slams Steve King's 'Racially Tinged Cruelty,' Suggests 'Evil'

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On Sunday’s PoliticsNation on MSNBC, during the show’s regular “Gotcha” segment, host Al Sharpton was imagining racist dog whistles as he complained about “unmitigated, racially-tinged cruelty” from Congressman Steve King, and suggested that those who think like the Iowa Republican are “evil.”

After playing a clip of Rep. King on CNN’s New Day arguing in favor of cutting food stamps and Planned Parenthood to fund the border wall, Sharpton griped: “Just in case you’re not evil and this sounds like unmitigated racially tinged cruelty to you, the Congressman elaborated on why he’s for this along with job growth: It would save America’s waist lines.”

Sharpton notably has a history of making blatantly racist comments about Jewish business owners, calling them “diamond merchants” and “white interlopers,” and once incited a deadly riot against a Jewish-owned business.

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