Mass. gun owner frenzy to derail gun accessory ban bill

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An amendment to Massachusetts law introduced without warning Wednesday could threaten all kinds of modifications to all sorts of firearms, say activists who are trying to derail the measure. (Dave Workman)

Massachusetts gun owners are furiously contacting state lawmakers in an effort to derail anti-gun legislation that was suddenly introduced without notice Wednesday in the state House of Representatives and passed almost unanimously.

The legislation, Amendment 1, would outlaw all kinds of accessories and upgrades to firearms used for competition, hunting, target shooting and/or self-defense. Submitted presumably as a response to the Las Vegas massacre, the bill does not mention “bump fire stocks” that are currently at the center of a gun control storm.

According to Jim Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners’ Action League of Massachusetts (GOAL), the legislation was introduced without warning by State Rep. David Linsky, a 5th District Democrat. Here’s what it says:

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