Look What NFL Star Is Now Promising if Required to Stand for the Anthem!

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Well, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners, like Cowboys’ Jerry Jones may be coming to their senses, but that doesn’t mean the NFL players are. They STILL don’t get it! It’s really beyond me to think that most Americans are not against the NFL players protesting, they are against the players protesting DURING a game AND DURING the national anthem! Come on people! Wake up!

After Commissioner Goodell sent out his wonderful letter encouraging all players to stand, it looks like the rules may now be changing. It looks like fines, suspensions and other penalties may be soon coming for the idiots who still want to protest DURING the ANTHEM and/or DURING the game. When are these morons going to learn, that respect for the flag is of the utmost importance? When they disrespect the flag, they disrespect our military and those who fought to defend their FIRST

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