Limbaugh: ‘He’s toying with these people’

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WASHINGTON – The press reported it as a presidential meltdown.

A rant of epic proportions.

It would not be much of a stretch to say the establishment media characterized President Trump at his news conference on Wednesday as practically unhinged.

Rush Limbaugh had a different take.

“Folks, he’s enjoying this like I’ve never seen a president enjoy a press conference. He’s toying with these people,” observed the talk show kingpin.

However, the headlines screamed:

CNN: Trump lashes out New York Post: Trump goes on marathon rant against the media Politico: Trump complains that he ‘inherited a mess’ in rant against media Washington Post: Trump airs grievances at sprawling news conference, says he ‘inherited a mess’ Mediaite: Chuck Todd: Donald Trump’s Delegitimization of Press ‘Un-American,’ ‘Not a Laughing Matter’ USA Today: Trump’s 80-minute press conference stuns even political insiders

Trump could see the headlines coming.

At one point during the…

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