Kooky Late-Night MSNBC: Trump Is Like Kim-Jong-un, Journalism Is Having a ‘Renaissance’

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

Two days after informing viewers that his “job…actually is to scare people to death” about war with North Korea, MSNBC host Brian Williams and guests served up more kooky thoughts on Thursday’s The 11th Hour by comparing President Trump to Kim Jong-un and swooning over a “renaissance” in American journalism.

Oh, and that was all within the show’s opening segment, aka the A-Block. As we saw during the 2016 conventions and on election night, late-night MSNBC is a strange place.

“We have made it to Thursday. Good evening once again from our NBC News headquarters here in New York. Day 203 of the Trump administration was wide ranging. It started out with great stress over the tensions with North Korea, including this new talk of war, and the day is ending that same way,” the mortified fake news anchor began.

In teeing up guest and New York Times Washington

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