Kellyanne Conway Stomped A Verbal Mud Hole in Feminist Tag-Team At Women’s Event [Video]

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If you want to get into an intellectual discussion with Kellyanne Conway, you do not want to come to the table unarmed. Also, be warned, when you ask a question that is nothing more than a slanted attack on the President of the United States, you better be prepared to get some feedback. That is what happened to Fortune magazine staffer, Michal Lev-Ram, when she accused Kellyanne and the President of bias in the President’s immigration policies. Here are the cool-handed remarks from a magnificent Champion of our President. 

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As Written By Penny Starr for Breitbart: 

Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to win a presidential campaign, but she is a Republican, so Fortune magazine’s editors excluded her from their 2017 list of ‘the most powerful women.’

The editors then set her up for a media ambush on Wednesday at Fortune’s summit in Washington, but she quickly flipped them onto their backs.

Moderator Pattie Sellers,

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