‘In Jesus’ name’ chaplain details how he battled U.S. Navy, won

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Most people don’t go looking for punishment.

But Gordon James Klingenschmitt is not most people. When he encountered a policy that went against his deepest religious beliefs, he boldly and publicly defied the policy and then demanded he be punished.

Klingenschmitt was serving as a U.S. Navy chaplain in 2006 when Secretary of the Navy Donald Winter issued a policy stating chaplains could be punished by their commanders if they prayed in Jesus’ name outside of church.

“So I read this policy and I decided to take a stand,” Klingenschmitt said in a recent interview on “Revealing the Truth” with the Rev. Rabbi Eric Walker. “I figured if chaplains are going to be punished for using the word ‘Jesus’ in their prayers, then I want to be the first. I volunteer to fall on my sword and violate this policy.”

Navy chaplains were still allowed to pray to God or say

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