Huge Wave of Conservatives and Independents Targeted by Censorship

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Allen West Republic

Thoughtout social networking, conservatives and independents are being censored at unbelievable rates. Youtube, Facebook, and Google, in the name of social justice, say that much of conservative content is too extreme and controversial. What that really means is that it does not fall within the liberal agenda. These three social giants are controlling the narrative and muzzling the right from having any voice. They cannot handle the truth.

As Written By Ian Miles Cheong for the Daily Caller:

YouTube is now demonetizing videos from content creators deemed too controversial for the platform, and conservatives and independents are being heavily impacted.

The move follows YouTube’s announcement earlier in August to catch and flag “controversial religious and supremacist” content hosted on the popular video-hosting website. Political and social commentators on YouTube are feeling the hurt—and they believe that they may be on a blacklist for having the wrong opinions.

The Daily Caller

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