Hollywood Star Denzel Washington Slams Lib Media: “Stop the Bullsh**t”

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Hollywood’s elites just got together to pat themselves on the back and scold American, but Denzel Washington was having nothing to do with it!

Idiots like Meryl Streep think they are better than the rest of us. Denzel Washington says that is nonsense. It’s average Americans who make America great.

At a roundtable discussion with other actors, Washington told his Hollywood colleagues to get off their high horses.

“…people say: ‘Oh, the difficulty of making a movie.’ I’m like, listen, send your son to Iraq–that’s difficult. It’s just a movie. It’s like, relax. I don’t play that precious nonsense.”

“Making a movie is a luxury,” he stressed. “It’s an opportunity, and most importantly, it’s a gift. Obviously, everybody here is talented enough to do that, but don’t get it twisted. It’s just a movie. It ain’t that big a deal.”

Get em Denzel! Watch for yourself:

Actor and director Denzel also chastised…

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