Hillary Rushed 10 Russian Spies Back to Kremlin in Lopsided Trade: Why?

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Hillary goes after “fake news.” Screengrab: YouTube

One of the most successful FBI investigations into a spy ring was code-named Ghost Stories.  After years of infiltrating a Russian spy ring that was located between Boston and Washington D.C., the FBI identified them and arrested them.  They posed as students, business owners and others as they worked their trade.  Ten were caught and arrested but Hillary Clinton expedited their release before they could be questioned by authorities.

I believe she did that to keep them from talking since the spies were here while Russia was paying off Clinton to get 20 percent of our uranium.  Also during this time, Russia had multiple agents seeking to kill the Magnitsky Act.  Coincidentally (or not), Hillary was the only major Democrat who opposed the sanctions.  Right after Hillary opposed the Act, her husband was given half a million dollars from a Kremlin-aligned bank for

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