German Chancellor Angela Merkel Went on Live TV and Said Multiculturalism Is a “Living Lie” [VIDEO]

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Angela Merkel is in a world of hurt, think of her as the Hillary Clinton of Europe. Except, of course, Merkel actually got elected to lead a country.

Chancellor Merkel is the foremost proponent of open borders in Europe. She’s allowed hundreds of thousands of “Syrian refugees” into Germany and the results have been a disaster. Crime rates have skyrocketed all over Germany and women are no longer safe on the streets or in their homes.

Last year, in Cologne, during the city’s New Year’s Eve celebration thousands of women were sexually assaulted by Muslim mobs. You can count the number of prosecutions resulting from that outrage on one hand.

The German people have had enough. In recent regional elections in Berlin voters crushed Merkel’s conservative Democrat party, voting him out of office by a large margin. Unlike American Democrats, Merkel actually admitted she screwed up. She pointed out that the migrant…

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