Genderless Emojis Have Finally Arrived!

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Joe For America

Emojis have evolved quite a bit from their original simplicity of yellow faces conveying basic emotions, to various jobs and activities, foods, and even poop.   I love using emojis.  It’s a quick way to get my point across, and let’s face it, they’re fun to use.

Texting before emojis lacked emotion.  It can be hard to read the tone of a text message and emojis certainly help convey many feelings we have.  Imagine the fights that are avoided simply by adding the winking emoji! But alas, even emojis are not immune to political correctness.  Over their relatively short history, major changes have been rolled out to make emojis more “inclusive.”

Gay emoijis were added to couples and family pictures.  A wide array of skin tones was created so your emoji could look more like you.  Gender changes have been made. Why is the construction worker a male? There are female

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